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Quality Policy

GBT Ltd supplies offshore services and it is committed to meeting the highest standards of quality, therefore Gbt has implemented a Quality Manual that respects the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. For this GBT has developed a quality management policy direct to ensure the compliance of the services offered in accordance with contractual and legislative requirements. These standards are used to continuously improve the performance of GBT, in providing services and in minding the relationship with customers and suppliers.

GBT Ltd supplies services in the Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Construction Industry and, more generally, in the geology, such as:

• Positioning;
• Bathymetric and Geophysical Site Surveys;
• Geotechnical Investigations;
• Geohazard Surveys;
• Environmental Surveys;
• Marine Archeology Surveys;
• Data Collection, Processing and Interpretation.

GBT ensures quality service in its operation by using up to date equipment and software from the phase of data acquisition until the production of technical reports, having skilled professionals who make accurate measurements and interpretation of data, and by fostering a positive company culture with a strong commitment to integrity and mutual respect. GBT is committed to effective communication with clients and between management and employees within the company.

Through its commitment aimed at quality, GBT provides a service that meets the needs of the customer in an accurate, cost-effective, courteous, efficient and complete way

Health & Safety Policy

GBT recognises its employees as its most valuable resource and is committed to providing a good working environment, which is healthy and safe for the entire workforce. GBT conducts business in the safest possible manner consistent with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, applicable Regulations and good work practices. We consider the safety of our employees crucial, not only are employees required to have the standard OPITO approved offshore personal survival training, but also they have taken the BOSIET and MIST (Minimum Industry Safety Training). We work with our clients and employees to identify the risks associated with our projects and plan so that we reduce and minimize risks to an acceptable level. We encourage every professional in our team to take responsibility for their own health and safety and that of their co-workers.

Environmental Policy

GBT operates in an environmentally responsible manner reflecting our commitment to minimize our impact on the environment. GBT acts in compliance with all applicable environmental laws, rules, codes of practice, guidelines and regulations during the development of offshore and onshore projects. GBT actively follows the protective measures adopted at the worksite for the storage, handling and disposal of all potentially hazardous substances or wastes in order to protect the environment.