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Remote Services (Offline)

Data Processing, Interpretation, Charting & Reporting

GBT Team helps his customers to process every data format, everywhere and for every target, on-board and in the office. In this way It is possible to modify or improve the planned survey, minimizing the installation time and cost.

Employing the best charting and processing softwares, GBT Team works to produce clear reports and legible charts to identify as soon as possible what is critical in the project.

Desktop Studies

A good desktop study research can help your company in saving time and money.

Every proposed offshore construction project is unique, this is the reason because our desktop studies are based on the research of the study area (Local Fishing Pratice, Existing cable/pipelines, Protected Areas, etc.) and they are highly adaptive in order to meet what our clients need.

Geo Consulting Services

GBT has worked in many country, analyzing and interpreting different kind of data. Our knowledge base includes the following systems: Navigation Systems (GPS), Magnetometers, Boomers and Sparkers, 2d/3d seismic arrays, SingleBeam Echosounders (SBES), MultiBeam Echosounders (MBES), Side Scan Sonar systems, Sub-Bottom Profilers, etc.