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Route Survey Investigation

GBT offers construction support combined with advanced and high quality survey technologies.

The project of a submarine pipeline is big challenge not only in terms of complex environmental and geological contexts but also in terms of money. Choosing the best route is very important and GBT provides customers with the solutions for selecting the most suitable route by detailed investigation and pre-construction reports.

The life time and the installation of a submarine cable and pipeline systems are threaten by a variety of features and items such as wrecks, outcrop, areas of gravity instability, excessive slopes/slides and morphological hazard related to bed forms (megaripples and sand waves).

  • Sub-Bottom Profilers are used to acquire information about the shallow geology along the potential route, and identify any hazardous shallow gas.
  • High specification MultiBeam Echo Sounders and Side Scan Sonars are used to acquire accurate bathymetry of the seabed, along with any potential hazards such as wrecks and debris.
  • Magnetometers are used for geological anomaly mapping and to detect any possible debris, cable and unexploded ordnance.