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Geotechnical Investigation

A geotechnical survey can be considered as the first step in the construction or consolidation of a site as it includes information about soil consistency and structure, groundwater level and recommendations for the offshore project.

GBT offers a combined geophysical-geotechnical survey, including all the necessary information for the management of the most stable project. A detailed and consistent geotechnical survey includes an in-situ vibrocoring and gravity coring and seabed piezocone penetration testing.

The geotechnical and sample data collected can be used for wide range of purposes:

  • Near-shore civil engineering projects
  • Assessment of soil condition for dredging/soil borrow
  • Soil investigation for shallow foundations
  • Offshore oil and gas exploration and field development
  • Desktop pipeline & cable routing and field layout planning studies
  • Marine pipeline and cable route surveys